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Welcome to the Apparent Ag website which will provide you with comprehensive details about our product range and where you may buy these products.

APPARENT® is the registered brand of AIRR’s agricultural chemicals which may be found in all AIRR and Tuckers Pet & Produce stores throughout Australia. The brand may also be found in other stores to whom AIRR wholesales throughout Australia.

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Want Help With Which Product You Need?

The Australian government through APVMA PUBCRIS has compiled a database using all of the pesticide labels registered in Australia (14,500+) to enable you to select a product for a particular function, for example, which herbicides may be used eliminate capeweed or which insecticides may be used to control termites or which fungicides may be used for Downy Mildew. If you insert our name (APPARENT) with the name of the pest it will reduce the number of choices and show which of our products may be used.