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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about Apparent products.

Active ingredients are currently experiencing a global shortage. Apparent Demolish will be unavailable until further notice.

The livestock re-entry period varies from product-to-product and is shown close the end of each instruction leaflet or booklet. It is vitally important that you read and follow these instructions. If you have lost your instruction leaflet or booklet they are available on this website under the product description. If no livestock re-entry period is shown then this means that livestock may be allowed to return to the pasture immediately after spraying. For example, there is no livestock re-entry period for Glyphosate. Beware of toxic weeds (normally ignored by livestock) which may become sweeter to livestock following application. Please read the instructions carefully.

The dilution rate varies from product-to-product and is shown close to the end of each instruction leaflet or booklet. The dilution rate for one of our most popular domestic products, APPARENT Glyphosate Green 360 is 5-15 mL/Litre in water in a knapsack sprayer. The dilution rate for APPARENT Ravage (a concentrated ‘weed and feed’ product) is 6 mL/Litre in water in a knapsack sprayer. The dilution rate for APPARENT Dingo (Chlorpyrifos) is 9 mL/Litre of water. For other products the dilution rate can be calculated by dividing the application rate per ha by the minimum amount of water to be used per ha.

The instruction booklet is located behind the back label. Simply remove and discard the back label, and then remove the booklet for safe-keeping. Some products have QR codes on their labels, scan these QR codes for a quick access to instruction booklets. Some imported products will have a folded leaflet in a plastic envelop attached to the neck of the bottle. If you lose your instruction leaflet or booklet they are available on this website. Just search for the product on this website and download them as required.

The results from Glyphosate spraying are usually not observed for 2-3 weeks after application. Weeds under stress will take longer to die because the Glyphosate must be translocated from the foliage to the roots. If you have not seen any results after three weeks then it may have rained within three hours of application. Alternatively, if you are in a region where water is “hard” (that is, excessive calcium and magnesium in the water source) and you did not add Ammonium Sulphate to the tank mix before the Glyphosate then the product will not work to specification. The Glyphosate product you have used will have come from a batch size of 16,000 to 18,000 litres, subject to the pack size.

If you wish to confirm that the product has worked satisfactorily for others please send the batch number on the back label of your drum to APPARENT for confirmation. If you are seeking faster results from Glyphosate it is recommended that you use the APPARENT Triple Seven 777 WG, the ammonium salt of Glyphosate which will give a faster brown-out.

Empirical evidence suggests that the tallow-amine wetter in Glyphosate (not the Glyphosate itself) is harmful to fish and frogs. Therefore, as a general rule you should avoid using Glyphosate close to water. However, APPARENT has two Glyphosate products: APPARENT Glyphosate Green 360 and APPARENT Triple Seven 777 WG which use a low-toxic aquatic wetter, that is, they may be used close to water without harming fish and frogs. There are other Glyphosate products on the market which also claim to be “frog-friendly”, but this is because they contain either a diluted or inferior wetter. The two APPARENT products offer maximum efficacy as well as protection to fish and frogs.

There is no product which is truly rain-fast. The best solution to rain-fastness is not to spray if it is likely to rain within three hours of application – and to use Glyphosate which has an excellent wetter. Trials have established that Glyphosate products classed as “rainfast” (with an added non-ionic acid) perform only around 10% better than those that are not. Rainfastness may also be improved by increasing the concentration of the active. If you are using APPARENT Glyphosate 450, our wetter (TERWET 3780) also has the property of humectancy which means it will absorb rainwater rather than washing away. On the other hand, if you wish to improve rainfastness of our Glyphosate products simply add 2% by volume of APPARENT GOLD Wetter 1000. Your Glyphosate mixture will then perform as well as any Glyphosate in the rain and you will not have the added expense of the non-anionic acid incorporated in the Glyphosate.

As a general rule the answer is “no” because the highest quality wetter recommended for the product is already included in APPARENT products. If you add a Wetter to the tank-mix because this has been your standard practice then we recommend using APPARENT Wetter 1000. Please note that our CACHET Glyphosate 450 contains an effective wetter and will work well under most conditions. However, it is desirable to add a wetter to CACHET if you are spraying under hot and dry conditions. If you are a domestic user and do not wish to invest in a 20-L drum of Wetter a small quantity of dish-washing detergent added at the same level as the Wetter will provide reasonable results.

Please remember if you buy a product on price, a lower-priced product will often contain an inferior wetter which will result in significantly reduced efficacy.

Please click here to refer to a chart which shows the correct order.

We have prepared a table to show the compatibility between the active materials in all APPARENT products. This table should only be used as a “ready-reckoner” because the information contained on the label provides the details and is recognised as the final arbiter by APVMA.
Where you see a green square, the two chemicals on the axes are compatible, that is, may be mixed.
Where you see a red square the two chemicals on the axes are incompatible, that is, antagonistic to the point where the mixture will simply not work and may block your spray nozzles.
Where you see the amber square, the two products on the axes may be compatible under certain circumstances which could include dilution factor, crop, season, adjuvant, location or the mixture may not be stored overnight. You should definitely consult the label where you see an amber square.
Where there is no colour shown the two products should be regarded as incompatible.
Download the table.

A generic product is no longer patented, therefore, under the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) law, the company which developed the product in the first place no longer has a proprietary interest in the molecule. This company will almost invariably be a multi-national corporation (MNC) and will therefore charge a higher price for the generic product because its costs are higher than generic suppliers. However, can this higher price be justified on the basis of improved quality over the generic version?

The answer to this question is “no” because the Australian market for agricultural chemicals is regulated by a government body known as the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) which requires, for example, APPARENT Glyphosate 450 to be identical to the MNC Glyphosate 450 in that they both contain 450 g/L of active material and 120 g/L of wetter. On this basis alone there can be no difference between a “proprietary” product and its generic version.

Download an adjuvant overview.
While the attachment has been written for a US audience, the principles also apply to Australia and we plan to commence importing US product shown throughout the article.

You can purchase Apparent products at your nearest AIRR Member Store (search your nearest store via state, city or postcode) or online at airr.com.au .

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