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Apparent Fate Fumigation Tablets

300gActive330 g/kg Phosphine present as Aluminum Phosphide

For the control of insect pests in certain situations and control of rabbits in burrows as specified in the Directions for Use Table.


Storage pests in:

  • Well-sealed* structures such as:- fumigation enclosures, grain storage sheds, silos, and structures which are suitable for fumigation;
  • Raw cereal grains (such as barley, maize, millets, oats, rice, rye, sorghum, triticale, wheat);
  • Other food commodities (such as flour and other milled cereal products, breakfast cereals, dried fruits, dried vegetables, dried pulses, other dried foods, peanuts, oilseeds, cocoa and coffee beans);  Seeds for propagation;  Bulk stockfeeds.
  • Tobacco in bales, cases, hogsheads in well-sealed fumigation enclosures.
  • Well-sealed empty warehouses, elevators, stores structures and enclosures.

*Download the Instruuction Booklet for defenition of well-sealed.
Apparent Fate Fumigation Tablets active ingredient: 330 g/kg Phosphine present as Aluminum Phosphide

Refer to the Apparent Fate Fumigation Tablets Instruction Booklet (PDF) for directions for use, proper application periods, dosage and situational applications.
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