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Apparent Wasp

500gActive375 g/kg Aminopyralid & 300 g/kg Metsulfuron-Methyl

A water soluble granule formulation for post-emergent control or suppression of broadleaf weeds in winter cereal crops and brush and broadleaf weeds in pastures and non-agricultural areas as specified in the Directions for Use.

At a glance

  • Key Features

    • Effective control of hard to kill woody weeds.
    • Acts on roots as well as weed foliage of weeds for biomass reduction.
    • Low rates in most situations and easy to handle WG formulation.
    • Good compatibility with many herbicides and insecticides for pest control.
    • Group 2 & 4 herbicide designed to assist Integrated Weed Management (IWM) programs.
    • Blackberry in association with: Docks


      • Winter Cereals:Wheat (not durum wheat or select varieties stated on product label), barley, triticale and cereal rye.
      • Established Pastures: Tolerant grass species:Perennial phalaris & cocksfoot stands greater than one year old
      • Pasture Renovation: Use in rundown pastures to reduce weed burden before sowing with a pasture in the following year.

        Successful Application

          Ensure application of Apparent Wasp WG occurs at least 1 hour before rain or dew and 48 hours before heavy rain.
        • PLANT STRESS
          Apparent Wasp WG should not be applied to crops or weeds which may be stressed due to prolonged periods of extreme cold,
          moisture stress (water-logging or drought) or previous herbicide treatment, as crop damage or reduced levels of control may result.
          When treatment is followed by a severe stress, growth retardation may occur.
          To minimise the risk of weed resistance, do not apply more than one application of Apparent Wasp WG per season either alone or in a tank
          Apparent Wetter 1000 Wetting Agent, Apparent Paraffinic Spraying Oil and Apparent Devour 1020 Surfactant are recommended for use
          with Apparent Wasp WG to ensure effective herbicide uptake.
      • Apparent Woody active ingredient: 300 g/L Triclopyr & 100 g/L Picloram

        Refer to the Apparent Wasp Instruction Booklet (PDF) for directions for use, proper application periods, dosage and situational applications.
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