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Apparent Whirlwind 430

10LActive430 g/L Tebuconazole

For the control of leaf spot and leaf speckle on bananas; rust, leaf spot and net blotch of peanuts; foliar diseases on cereal crops; and other diseases on beans, peas, onions, pawpaw, pyrethrum and ryegrass and fescue seed crops as specified in the Directions for Use Table.

Crop / Disease

  • Bananas (Qld, NSW, WA, NT only)

    Leaf spot (Yellow Sigatoka), Leaf speckle, Black Sigatoka
  • Peanuts (South Qld and NSW only)

    Early leaf spot, Late leaf spot, Rust, Net Blotch
  • Peanuts (North Qld, WA, NT only)

    Early leaf spot, Late leaf spot, Rust, Net blotch
  • Green Beans

  • Peas

    Powdery Mildew
  • Wheat

    • Leaf rust, Stripe rust, Septoria nodorum blotch, Yellow leaf spot, Septoria tritici blotch
  • Oats

    Crown rust
  • Barley

    Scald, Powdery mildew
  • Wheat, Oats

    Stem rust
  • Onions (Tas only)

    White root rot
  • Pawpaw

    Black spot
  • Pyrethrum

    Sclerotinia sclerotiorum.
  • Ryegrass and fescue seed crops

    Leaf rust, Stem rust

Apparent Whirlwind 430 active ingredient: 430 g/L Tebuconazole

Refer to the Apparent Whirlwind 430 Instruction Booklet (PDF) for directions for use, proper application periods, dosage and situational applications.
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