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APPARENT is a leading supplier of fully-formulated crop protection and animal health products to the Australian market.

APPARENT is also a major importer of wool packs (under license to AWEX) for the Australian wool industry.

APPARENT is committed to delivering the highest quality product to Australian farmers at the lowest price. We believe have achieved this objective after nine years of operation.

While most of our products have been in the market for many years, we are not standing still. We are constantly seeking new methods of formulation and delivery to reduce prices for Australian farmers. We are also continually researching all new molecules and discuss these with the plants that produce the same in China with a view to introducing them to the Australian market once patents expire. We know that we can deliver the newer molecules to Australian farmers at a fraction of their current cost.

The APPARENT product range is exclusively available from AIRR and Tuckers stores.

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Want Help With Which Product You Need?

The Australian government through APVMA PUBCRIS has compiled a database using all of the pesticide labels registered in Australia (14,500+) to enable you to select a product for a particular function, for example, which herbicides may be used eliminate capeweed or which insecticides may be used to control termites or which fungicides may be used for Downy Mildew. If you insert our name (APPARENT) with the name of the pest it will reduce the number of choices and show which of our products may be used.