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Apparent Picador 350

10LActive350 g/L Imidacloprid

A soil applied treatment for the control of Greyback and Childers canegrub in sugarcane and Silverleaf whitefly in various vegetable crops as specified in the Directions for Use table.

Crop / Pest

Sugarcane (ratoon cane only)

Greyback canegrub, Childers canegrub.

Capsicum, Cucurbits, Eggplant, Sweet Potato, Tomatoes

Silverleaf whitefly including type B
Apparent Picador 350 active ingredient: 350 g/L Imidacloprid

Refer to the Apparent Picador 350 Instruction Booklet (PDF) for directions for use, proper application periods, dosage and situational applications.
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